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World’s Bid

2007 - Pink Senior 5

2008 - Pink Senior 5

2009 - Lime Junior 5 (6th place)

2010 Lime Junior 5 (3rd place)

2011 - Pink Senior 5 (22nd)

2012 - Lime Seniors (not yet held)

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Nfinity Cup

Congratulations to Pink Senior 5 for making Top 5 in the Nfinity Cup
announced at the 2011 Cheerleading Worlds

GBE is Infinity Sponsored.


Top Dawg Award

Congratulations to Fuchsia, Teal and Lime for winning Great Lakes Championship Company’s  (GLCC) Top Dawg award in their divisions. A special Congratulations to Lime Junior 5 for having the highest score of the year

Elite International Championship

Congratulations to Lime, Teal, Gold, Orange for winning X-treme Spirit’s
2010-2011 Overall International Champions


Congratulations to Lime Junior 5 a 2011 Junior Division Grand Champions

Congratulations to Orange Junior 5 - 2012 Junior Division - Grand Champs
And Lime Senior 5 - Senior Level 5 level Champs

USASF Awards

At the 2011 Cheerleading World’s VIP Coaches Reception Cherokee Greendeer was nominated for “Gym Owner of the Year” and was in the top 4 out of 300 coaches nominated.
In 2009 GBE won the first ever “Small Gym of the Year”

Miss Wisconsin USA

Coach Jordan Marie Morkin wins the title Miss Wisconsin USA and competes at the Nationally televised Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas

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